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Big Mistake - The Elements Edition EP


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When Where We Belong turned 1 last May, we wanted to release a special anniversary edition with a whole set of remixes, re-recordings from musician friends, other bands, DJs and such. Pat had rearranged Big Mistake with a lot of vocals and a whole other interpretation to be included in that edition. Since we never actually had time to complete the project, that version of the song, now called Water Version, just sat in Pat's computer for a few months...

We've always loved creating remixes, reinterpretations and new versions of our songs. We've always done it in rehearsals but have recently started performing some of them live. Big Mistake has always been one of those songs we love so much but have almost never played live - mostly because of its extensive amount of loops. We recently had a headlining gig in our home town where we wanted to build a set list that not only included all of our power songs, but that also left some time and space to create great intimate moments, and playing Big Mistake in a new way was a key part of making this happen. That's where Air Version came about: A very minimalist interpretation with no back-beat and almost no effects; just a lot of 'verb!

With two new versions of one of our favourites in our back pocket, we figured we'd do one more just for fun. Pat had named his version "The Water Version" because it has so much reverb and delay. It's also mixed with a lot of bass and not a lot of highs and kind of feels like you're under water when listening to it. Chris and Pat had an idea and thought it'd be cool to just to with it - even though it's been done many times before (thanks Thrice): name the songs after the four basic elements, based on their interpretation in relation to these elements. The minimalist version described in the above paragraph was then called "The Air Version" because it's so simplified...

With "Air" and "Water" down, we wanted to do something we hadn't done in a long time: an acoustic version: "Earth"! The last acoustic song we officially released was You'll Never Be The One on the Track Map Liberty EP and the last time we played any material from that EP was in 2010! But that's how it all started for us - with an acoustic guitar! So it felt right to do a folkish minimalist version. This was probably the toughest version to record as it's one of the least processed pieces of music we've ever produced. Pat, being very insecure with his voice actually had to put the session to a halt, go to the bar and get somewhat hammered (to say the least) before he could nail the part. So yeah, what you hear on that version is Pat singing alone in the dark after a long night of drinking! Very authentic!

Once we had those three versions, we thought we'd include the original version from Where We Belong as the "Fire" version and release all of these as a free EP. A nice little experiment for you to enjoy, so please do!


released September 3, 2013

Music & Lyrics by Pat Tremblay
Air, Earth and Water versions arranged, performed, recorded and mixed by Pat Tremblay
Group vocals on Air version performed by Bad Captain

Fire Version originally released as Big Mistake on Where We Belong, May 22nd 2012
Record, mixed and mastered by Nicolas Michel


all rights reserved


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